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Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.)
Bacillus subtilis
Validamycin • bacillus cereus 37% WP
Validamycin • Bacillus Cereus 12% Ap.
Buprofezin • Etrofolan 25% WP
Validamycin • buprofezin 30% WP
3% validamycin pyrimidinenucleoside AS
Buprofezin • monosultap 25% WP
480g/l chlorphrifos EC
Chlorfluazuron • carbofos 30% EC

   CEO's Note

There is no castles in the air or mirage in true life. The thirty or forty years' development of the enterprise always depends on the increasing accumulation and clients' support and care.

 Every enterprise depends on credit. Huifeng staff always abide by the tenet of "Advocate technology, cater to the market, quality first, based on credit".

With of global economy integration pattern going deep, how to adapt to international changes and how to advance with the time is the new subject we should face seriously. We would like to develop together with new and existing clients for a bight future.


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